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At Odeosoft we believe every developer can find the job of their dream.

About Odeosoft

Odeosoft is a software development company based in Georgia, Tbilisi. We help entrepreneurs and firms create software that boosts revenue, reduces cost, and makes their businesses and market performance stand out from the crowd. Through personalized software, we equip firms and start-ups with the right tools so they can enjoy higher profitability and efficiency.
We are always on the look for dedicated and smart developers who can do their part in a variety of web/app development projects and product design. Odeosoft can become your chance to join a booming technology company with exceptional team members that embody our values because we are looking for more than just a developer, we are looking for long-term partner.

Main Values

We believe in open communications, and welcome new ideas and opinions, actively listen with humility and respect. You have the opportunity to work in a fast-growing development team.
We are committed to transforming our business not only into the fastest growing of its kind but also the most innovative and sustainable. We believe you have a lot of chances to make a difference by making things on your own. If you feel the same, join us.

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